my story

Hey, hi & hello! My name is Hannah, I’m your regular 26-year-old girl with a passion for creating. I have been making things from the time I could pick up a crayon. I had (have* let's be real) LOTS of art supplies and tried just about every type of craft you can think of.



Fast forward to today, I am now the creator/owner of whoahannah creative. I’m an artist, designer, and sign maker; I specialize in taking old wood and repurposing it for a new (more stylish) life. I’ve painted and written on lots of mediums those included are wood, glass, acrylic, canvas, paper, the list goes on!



I like to define my style as “repurposed free spirit with a little rustic flair”. When working on a project I dedicate quite a lot of time into perfecting each piece and making sure that it is exactly what my client had in mind. I love bringing my client’s ideas into reality for them and most of all making sure my client is happy with the final result.

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