my story

Hi! I'm so glad to have you here :)


My name is Hannah. I’m a regular, small-town girl with a passion for creating. I have been making & crafting things since I can remember. I had an *entire* closet at my grandparent's house dedicated to my art supplies. If I wasn't cutting something, glueing things, or colouring, something was probably wrong.  



Fast forward to today, I am now the creator & owner of whoa Hannah creative! I’m an artist, designer, illustrator, and all-around creative. I’ve painted and lettered on countless mediums those included are wood, glass, acrylic, canvas, paper, the list goes on!


I like to define my style as outdoorsy, eclectic with a whimsical flair. When working on a project I dedicate a lot of time into perfecting each design, making sure that it is exactly what my client has in mind. I absolutely love bringing my client’s ideas to reality, and most of all making, sure my client is happy with their new piece.

Thanks for stopping by to getting to know me!